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High yield capital intense markets turn to the high-yield markets and high yield bonds when they are not able to finance all their capital needs through earnings or borrowing via banks.

STAYING INDEPENDENT . . . Planning for Financial
Independence in Later Life


financesAs retirement approaches, it is important for every household to assess its financial identity (assess its finances). Waiting too long might mean missing one or more opportunities to preserve maximum financial independence in the future. To help get you started, can you say "Yes" to the following statements?

  • We talk regularly, honestly and openly about our finances and agree on our goals and the lifestyle we will prefer as we get older.

  • We know our sources of income after retirement how much to expect from each, and when.

  • We save according to plan and are shifting from growth-producing to safe income-producing investments.

  • We know where our health insurance will come from after retirement and what it will cover.

  • We have reviewed our life insurance and considered options like cash or investments.

  • We each have our own credit history.

  • We each have a current will or living trust.

  • We know where we plan to live in retirement.

  • We have anticipated the tax consequences of our retirement plans and of passing assets on to our heirs.

  • Our children or other responsible relations know where our important documents are and whom to contact if there are questions.

  • We have executed legal documents, such as a living will or power of attorney, specifying our instructions in case of death or incapacitating illness.


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